Recycling at GZI

GZI realizes that metal sustainability is driven by recycling; because recycling saves up to 95% of the raw materials and energy needed to make new aluminium metal.

Aluminium metals are a permanently available material regardless of their many applications and we at GZI have an agreed strategy to support the use of our planet’s resources in the most efficient and accountable way possible.

Using resources more efficiently and responsibly by avoiding spoilage and improving the recovery of materials has always been key to our success at GZI. Furthermore, we believe in education and empowering future generations with the knowledge and resolve to recycle and do their part for improved global sustainability.

Recycling School Rewards

Global warming and climate change is a topic which remains of utmost importance globally and requires all organisations and individuals to take action now in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our environment. We, at GZI, realised that in order to achieve this, we need to inspire and motivate a “can-do” attitude amongst the youth and subsequently developed the Used Aluminium Beverage Cans Recycling Scheme.

Odofa Secondary and Primary Schools
Odofa Secondary and Primary Schools in Agbara received chairs and lockers for students’ classrooms.

(Image Credit: he school Principal of Odofa Schools receiving the 1st batch of priority project items presented by the GZI management team representative)

The Supreme Torch School in OPIC Estate, Agbara received ceiling fans and a projector for the ICT laboratory. 

(Image Credit: Mr. Kunle Idowu and Mr. Fred Popoola of GZI presenting the first batch of priority project items to the Principal Supreme Torch School, OPIC Estate, Agbara)

outstanding recycling initiative
Individual students who displayed outstanding recycling initiative by supplying the most cans were also rewarded and celebrated.

(Image Credit: David, JSS3 student at Odofa School, Agbara is here receiving a gift from Mr Fred Popoola (The CPI/Recycling Manager, GZI)

Almost all of the staff and students of the participating schools have elected to incorporate UABC recycling as a year-round activity and we encourage other schools to follow their lead in creating a sustainable future.

Inter-School Recycling Debate Competition

Debating is one of the academic activities that provides students with creative room to express what they feel. The length and breadth of knowledge that they gain through this is simply unparalleled. With this perspective in view, the 2019 Inter-School Recycling Debate Competition was organized by GZI for students of various High schools (Junior and Senior categories).

A total of ten government and private schools started the competition, with four schools making it to the final stage of the competition which was held on the 10th October, 2019. The program, which was declared open by the Group CEO of GZI, Mr. Tom Stephenson, was well attended by many schools, teachers, participating students and their parents. The occasion was also graciously attended by representatives of Federal Ministry of Science and Technology and some top and senior management staff of GZI.

All the debate teams exhibited great oratorical skills, put in tremendous hard work to showcase their talents, and displayed great confidence in presenting their arguments before the audience and a panel of eminent jury members consisting of two experienced outsourced Jury members and two members of GZI staff.

At the end of the heated but informative debate which lasted over two hours, it was the Supreme Torch International School (Private) that was declared the overall winner in the Junior category, whilst Agbara Community Senior High School (Government) was declared the overall winner in the Senior category. Trophies, desktop computers, plaques and certificates were thereafter presented to the winners and runners up by Mr. Tom Stephenson.

In terms of individual performance, Anekwe Olufolarin Benjamin of Supreme Torch International School bagged the Best Speaker Award in the Junior category and Agbadobi Ruth of Agbara Community Senior High School bagged the Best Speaker Award in the Senior category. 

We foresee the Inter-School Recycling Debate Competition becoming a regular event on the calendar in the interests of inspiring healthy debate and conversation around the topic of recycling and enabling a collaborative approach to seeking solutions for long-term sustainability.